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Advocacy Committee (July 2022) 

The AAP board approved the terms of reference for the Association's Advocacy Committee. This committee will provide advice to the board on the profession's advocacy priorities, insights, and approaches.

If you would like to participate in the committee, please share more with the board at this link or the button below

You can also download the terms of reference by clicking this button:

Terms of Reference
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Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (May 2022)

The AAP continues to welcome the expression of concerns from members about the challenges new graduates and internationally educated physical therapists (IEPTs) have faced over the past couple of years.

We recognize the numerous hardships faced from this group that includes but is not limited to: financial and emotional strain due to the uncertainty and delay in licensing opportunities.

We applaud the College for providing two opportunities for licensure to address the existing backlog. We also recognize soon to graduate physical therapy (PT) students and new IEPTs seeking licensure may have concerns about opportunities for full licensure in 2023 and beyond.

The AAP is committed to advocating for new graduates and IEPTs for licensing opportunities that are accessible, fair, and not excessively burdensome. We also acknowledge the College's responsibilities to provide a pathway to licensure that is consistent with current legislation and that fosters public confidence in the credentialing process.

The AAP will continue to use its voice to advocate locally through open and respectful dialogue with the College and University of Alberta. For example, our Board has initiated discussions with the College and University of Alberta to share concerns and in the hopes of being included as a stakeholder in this process. We will also use our voice to advocate at a national level to make sure a sustainable, accessible, and fair credentialing process exists. For example, one of our Board members has been invited to participate in the CPA credentialing exam task force.