Board of Director's Biographies

The Board of Directors is excited to launch the Alberta Association of Physiotherapy and further promote and advocate for its members and the profession.
Geoff Schneider

Chair – Geoff Schneider

Geoff has been practicing for over 20 years in a busy Calgary clinic and has a passion for incorporating research into everyday clinical practice. Geoff specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and spends most of his days with patients focusing on the management of complex spinal conditions, whiplash-associated disorders, working with high-performance athletes, and providing second opinion consultations.

Geoff joined the Alberta Association of Physiotherapy Board of Directors to further his vision of seeing all physiotherapists continue to advance their involvement and expertise in multidisciplinary environments for the betterment of patient outcomes.

Geoff Schneider

Director – Ahmad Qayyum

Ahmad has over 14 years of experience as a physiotherapist. Ahmad has provided physiotherapy services in Canada since 2014. He has worked in many areas of Alberta both in public and private sector and he is currently settled in Calgary.

Ahmad has worked closely with orthopedic and spinal surgeons to provide assessments, pre-op and post-op assessments, treatment, and follow-ups to allow patients a smooth recovery. Ahmad believes in empowering his patients and tailors’ programs to each patients’ unique needs. Ahmad has experience with leadership and management of programs the encompass multidisciplinary teams ensuring complete solutions are found for patients. 

Ahmad is passionate about physiotherapy and is an advocate for the profession. He has participated in Health Advisory councils with Alberta Health Services and he joined the Alberta Association of Physiotherapy Board of Directors to further educate the public and advocate for his fellow physiotherapists.

Geoff Schneider

Director – Colleen Kuntze

Colleen is passionate about physiotherapy and getting her patients moving and returning to their everyday activities. She focuses on manual therapy and functional exercise to address non-optimal biomechanics, while ensuring a multidisciplinary treatment approach for her patients. 

Colleen is actively involved in Alberta to further physiotherapy’s inclusion in treatment by being the co-lead of the Alberta Health Services Bone and Joint Strategic Clinical Networks’ Shoulder Assessment Project.

Geoff Schneider

Director – Prajakta Shirolkar

Prajakta started her journey as a physiotherapist in India. She moved to Canada and continued her passion and has worked in many private and public clinics and hospitals. Prajakta has a broad array of patients ranging from athletes to post-partum women with various conditions (pelvic health, chronic pain, musculoskeletal, neurological, pediatric, geriatrics, and cardio-pulmonary). Prajakta is focused on ensuring patients achieve pain-free lives and improving their overall quality of life.

Geoff Schneider

Director – Geoff Bostick

Geoff is passionate about participating in the education of the next generation of physical therapists (PTs). Geoff is currently an Associate Teaching Professor and has been with the University of Alberta Department of Physical Therapy for over 12 years. His teaching interests center around the assessment and management of pain. Geoff's research focuses on pain education of pre-licence physical therapy students and the assessment of pain in marginalized people. Geoff has also served as the Chair and Knowledge Translation representative for the Pain Science Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Geoff is honored to be part of a wonderful group of leaders who are committed to the launch of a new Alberta Association of Physiotherapy. We (the Board) look forward to working with members and stakeholders to create a vibrant Association that supports members' professional development needs and provides a voice for all members.

Geoff Schneider

Director – Janelle van Heeren

Janelle has been dedicated to promoting mobility and play in her home community of Rocky Mountain House for over 20 years. As Janelle’s children grew, her passion for pediatric physiotherapy grew as well. Janelle has been adding to her repertoire of techniques, adding acupuncture and other techniques over the years. 

Janelle’s passion for learning and expanding the physiotherapy profession, along with her rural location add a unique perspective to the Alberta Association of Physiotherapy board of Directors.

Operations Team 

During the launch of the Association it will be operationally supported by Halford Consulting.  In addition to the board members, the Halford Consulting team members may be replying to your emails and phone calls.